Affordable Soundproofing Window Panels!

If any of you have been looking for an affordable and convenient way to sound proof your home studio, I’ve finally found the solution! For years I’ve been looking for an inexpensive and practical way to reduce the amount of sound that comes from my home studio, particularly through my windows. Sure, I could build sound isolation material into my windows or I could put up some plexiglass but those options are expensive and, more inconveniently, relatively permanent!

At J.Rockett Audio Designs we do lots of recording for sound bytes of our pedals. Not only do I want the noise to be reduced but I also want to decrease sound reflection so that the recordings are as true as they can be. I’ve always wanted to come up with a way to temporarily create a sound barrier for my windows…something I could put up while recording and then take down when I’m done.  Heck, I’d love to be able to at least enjoy the view out my windows when I’m not recording!

The answer?

Audimute isole Two-in-One Sound Isolation Sheets!  Man, these things are absolutely brilliant!  They are made of cloth and weigh 20 pounds each.  Not only do they have sound absorption material inside them but they have a sound barrier material as well.


So, I can absorb reflective sound waves as well as block sound waves going out the window!  And, you just hang them over your windows via three grommet holes as you can see from this actual before and after shot of the windows in my home studio!  It takes me 30 seconds to hang them and less than that to remove them!

IMG_1744 IMG_1742

I’m actually using three sheets in order to create the best sound barrier possible. I hung two sheets, as you normally would, to cover both windows and then I hung the sheet in the middle by only one grommet hole. It has cut the volume by more than half outside my windows! You can also hang these throughout the room to create even more sound absorption and isolation if need be as well as over doors to avoid making the Mrs. angry while she’s cooking dinner or watching Days of our Lives!

Each sheet is 36″ wide by 82″ long. The best part is that these things are only $119 each or you can get them in sets of three for even more savings like I did. J.Rockett Audio Designs is not affiliated with Audimute in any way. This is just a great product that I happened to run across which has saved me a ton of time and a substantial cost to soundproof my home studio. And again, I can take them down whenever I want so that I can watch the birds outside!

Check out Audimute’s website at for more information on these awesome sound isolation solutions!


Chris Van Tassel