Guitars & Theft

Can you imagine walking into your home or business only to find that your prized collection of guitars had been stolen? I certainly can’t imagine it as it’s something that concerns me every time I leave town for even a couple of days! To musicians, nothing is more precious than their collection of gear. Musical instruments are a passion for those of us who love to play them as well as collect them. I can honestly say that if any of my gear was stolen it would be like taking a piece of my soul away!

This brings me to our good friend and pickup designer, Nathan Sanford of Sanford Magnetics up in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada. Last week, someone broke into Nathan’s shop and stole his entire, personal guitar collection!

Theft of guitars at Sanford Magnetics
Guitars Theft at Sanford Magnetics Shop

To the thugs who would do something like this, well…I don’t think I could appropriately express how I personally feel about something so low! I’m sure all of you gear heads out there feel the same way! Seeing as how we have a great following to our newsletter we are going to ask all of our subscribers to help if possible. Here is a list of all the guitars that were stolen from Nathan:

  • 2003 Gibson Les Paul Standard…light burst, head stock repair
  • 2013 Gibson Firebird, sunburst with a distinctive knot in the wood on the upper bout, looks like the eye of jupiter
  • 2005 Gibson Les Paul Jr., sunburst, loaded with 50’s Bumble Cap, finish worn off the back of the neck
  • 2005 Gibson SG, cherry and a one-piece body
  • 2007 Gibson Les Paul Special, Historic R9, tv white
  • 2012 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop, one piece back, gold is going green, P90’s
  • 2010 Gibson ES 335 Limited Edition, fat neck, dot markers, sunburst

All of Nathan’s guitars are loaded with his Sanford Magnetics pickups. Sanford Magnetics labels are on the baseplates or they are labeled Proto #. The Firebird pickups are prototypes and the bridge pickup isn’t hooked up. All of the guitars have blank truss rod covers. Please keep a look-out for these guitars as I’m sure they have been quickly distributed for re-sale, most likely in Montreal indicates Nathan.

“It’s certainly devastating” said Nathan. “It takes a long time to save enough money to purchase all the guitars you’ve always wanted. I feel like I’ve lost a piece of me…actually, several pieces of me as each of my guitars were one’s I coveted. It took me a long time to get them all! I’m just going to have to sell lots of pickups and start from scratch if I can’t recover them”.

If any of our subscribers see any of the above mentioned guitars out on the market, please contact Nathan directly. You can get in touch with him via his website at or you can call him at 506-855-3737. Getting a set of Nathan’s pickups would also certainly help him. I’ve got three sets myself and love them!

Chris Van Tassel