The Archer and why


Controversy indeed with the new Archer.  Many people have asked WHY we decided to release this pedal but a whole lot more ENCOURAGED us to release this pedal.   

Rockett’s manufacturer was responsible for building the first 1500 KTR units, we had nothing to do with the design but we certainly learned a lot about the coveted circuit just in conversations with the creator.  I will say this, we tried to influence the KTR design in suggesting that it pay homage to the original at the very least.  That said, we failed!

We watched multiple companies build clones and just sat back while those clones flew off the shelves and created an alternative market for people who were interested in this circuit.  We certainly followed the commentary on the success of the clone designs and tried to learn.  After fielding hundreds of phone calls asking when the KTR would be available again with no ability to answer that question it opened our eyes a bit.  This is a coveted circuit for a reason, people want it but people cannot get it.  Just a simple supply and demand scenario but for those who want the true sound their options are clones or the real deal and it seems most of those options were expensive ventures……really expensive for the real deal.

To embark on this venture to create such a controversial product was driven by demand simply put.  However, it had to be right or it was not going to be done at all.  We have created, what we feel is an excellent option for those looking for this sound at a very affordable price without compromise or without gouging anyone.

More to come………..



NAMM Show 2014

The easiest way people found us was to Look for the 2 ugliest guys in the building and that was Rockett!! WINTER NAMM 2014 was a blast! If we missed you, here’s a quick video of our weekend.

The Best Sounds

Guthrie Trapp was born Feb 3 1979 in Pensacola, FL. and raised on the Florida/Alabama gulf coast. His family had a great love for music and was exposed to many genres from a young age. Guthrie started playing blues harmonica at age 7 with his uncle and at 10 moved on to guitar with mandolin following soon after. At 13 he joined a local bluegrass group playing lead guitar and mandolin.

A Note From Peter Stroud

Hi Chris,
Years back, David Wilson of Tonequest passed on to me your Rockett Boost. I wanted to reach out after this long…lol!! I apologize for having not reached out to you before now. I have always been impressed with this pedal and used it on tour after receiving it from David as a front end tone boost to my rig. Just today I pulled it back out to record with.. I must say it’s tonal complexity is beautiful. I simply plugged it into my Logic DAW using the amps in the box and it brought the tone to life.
Very Best Regards,


The Blue Note OD

If smooth, low-medium gainers are your thing then this little gem of an Overdrive requires your attention. Featuring two bands of EQ, two selectable gain stages and the ability to deliver pristine clean boost through to classic rock crunch, the Blue Note is destined for greatness, I feel. It’s just too good to be ignored.

[blockquote]I’ve paired the Blue Note OD with a Smitty Custom Guitars Brett Kingman Signature “Bluey” and a Larry Corsa modded Les Paul Faded Standard through to a Laney L50H and L412 cab. They all seemed to get on pretty well.[/blockquote]

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The History of J. Rockett Audio Designs

J. Rockett Audio Designs was formed by: Chris Van Tassel and Jay Rockett in 2006. Both Jay and Chris had been long time session musicians with many years of experience in the recording industry.

After years of dissatisfaction with available products both Chris and Jay decided to try and create products that satisfied their particular needs for tone. Many top session players were consulted in their designs to create the current line of products.

There are and were, at the time, many great products available but both Chris and Jay wanted to tailor their products to meet their personal tonal needs. All products were designed in hopes that the outcome would meet the needs of the many.

Unique custom enclosures were a must that not only serve as an aesthetic benefit but also a functional benefit. A large part of the influence in design came from the Audiophile world along with the critical listening skills to differentiate the tonal outcomes.

Once the company got off the ground we brought on a new partner Ron Hahn who gave us the much needed boost to keep us growing and developing. Once the 3 of us hit stride it developed into a great partnership with equal respect all around and equal input toward a very bright future.

It is our hope as a manufacturer of guitar effects that we can inspire guitarists to make music and enjoy the journey of the tone search no matter what product they choose.

Thanks for your interest in Rockett Pedals!

Chris, Jay and Ron