The new GTO is the latest design coop with Guthrie Trapp. The original was sort of the Nashville favorite, recreating the old Nobels ODR-1. A great sound in itself but Guthrie wanted more…;-)

The new GTO has a much tighter bottom, less gain and more cut in the mix. It can go from super mild to a really nice, dynamic OD feel. This pedal has compression but in a great way. You can use it as a clean boost and EQ or you can bring in the dirt.

Level – Interactively controls the overall output. The more gain, the louder it will become so you have to use the two in conjunction

Gain – Controls the gain level but also creates compression and feel. It blends with the clean signal so you can really find interesting sounds

Accent – Controls the cut through the mix, the top end and the bite

Warmth – Controls the bottom end but is also very interactive with the Accent control. You can really fatten up the mids but use the accent to keep it from getting woofy

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Dimensions: 4.00″ x 2.30″

9 volt Negative tip adaptor and a 5.5mm x 2.1mm jack.

9 volt Battery

True Bypass

GTO Manual and Warranty

      Weight 1.6 lbs
      Dimensions 7.25 x 5.25 x 2.55 in

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