The Archer and why


Controversy indeed with the new Archer.  Many people have asked WHY we decided to release this pedal but a whole lot more ENCOURAGED us to release this pedal.   

Rockett’s manufacturer was responsible for building the first 1500 KTR units, we had nothing to do with the design but we certainly learned a lot about the coveted circuit just in conversations with the creator.  I will say this, we tried to influence the KTR design in suggesting that it pay homage to the original at the very least.  That said, we failed!

We watched multiple companies build clones and just sat back while those clones flew off the shelves and created an alternative market for people who were interested in this circuit.  We certainly followed the commentary on the success of the clone designs and tried to learn.  After fielding hundreds of phone calls asking when the KTR would be available again with no ability to answer that question it opened our eyes a bit.  This is a coveted circuit for a reason, people want it but people cannot get it.  Just a simple supply and demand scenario but for those who want the true sound their options are clones or the real deal and it seems most of those options were expensive ventures……really expensive for the real deal.

To embark on this venture to create such a controversial product was driven by demand simply put.  However, it had to be right or it was not going to be done at all.  We have created, what we feel is an excellent option for those looking for this sound at a very affordable price without compromise or without gouging anyone.

More to come………..



Chris Van Tassel