Dumble Overdrive Special

Compare for yourself:  Video of an original 1983 Dumble Overdrive Special and video of The Dude overdrive pedal by J.Rockett Audio Designs! We set out to create an overdrive pedal that replicated ALL the nuances of the famed amplifier.

The Dumble Overdrive Special is the most difficult to acquire and most sought after amplifier in the world. Alexander “Howard” Dumble has no contact information online, requires several thousands of dollars for a deposit, and demands that you sign a bunch of agreements (one of which details the consequences of asking about your amp’s progress). Even if you’re patient enough to deal with all of that, the wait for a Dumble amp can be at least a decade!

The last, but certainly not least problem, when it comes to acquiring one of these amps…you probably have to pony up a minimum of $100,000 to buy one on the open market as there are only about 300 in existence!

No worries, you can plug into the new Dude overdrive for $199!

Chris Van Tassel