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Q – I need to send a pedal in to be repaired. What do I do?
We’re happy to fix all pedals that may be broken.  Please contact with all questions and he will be able to provide assistance.
Q – I have a few questions about your gear and my gear can work together.  Who can I talk to about that? 
We’re always happy to help with any and all questions! Reach out to Chris Van Tassel at 760-419-1345 or for all inquiries.
Q – How long will my order take to be shipped?
We try to get orders out as soon as possible so we will have your order shipped the same day or usually within 24 hours as long as the product is in stock.
Q – Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We only ship internationally from FedEx.
Q – What type of power supply do your pedals require?
Q- How can I apply for an Artist Endorsement?
Contact Chris Van Tassel at 760-419-1345 or with some information about yourself, links to your work and how we can assist!
Q – What type of warranty do your pedals have?
A – Please refer to our page for Warranty & Returns
Q – How do you handle non-warranty repairs?
A – We handle these on a case by case basis based on the need of the repair.  Once we understand the issue we can work with you to ensure you are satisfied.
Q – Do you offer refunds?
Yes we do.  Reach out to Chris Van Tassel at 760-419-1345 or for any refund questions.
Q – Can we visit your shop?
Our production workshop is closed to the public.  We do however always invite artists and players to come check out our work!