The Archer and why


Controversy indeed with the new Archer.  Many people have asked WHY we decided to release this pedal but a whole lot more ENCOURAGED us to release this pedal.   

Rockett’s manufacturer was responsible for building the first 1500 KTR units, we had nothing to do with the design but we certainly learned a lot about the coveted circuit just in conversations with the creator.  I will say this, we tried to influence the KTR design in suggesting that it pay homage to the original at the very least.  That said, we failed!

We watched multiple companies build clones and just sat back while those clones flew off the shelves and created an alternative market for people who were interested in this circuit.  We certainly followed the commentary on the success of the clone designs and tried to learn.  After fielding hundreds of phone calls asking when the KTR would be available again with no ability to answer that question it opened our eyes a bit.  This is a coveted circuit for a reason, people want it but people cannot get it.  Just a simple supply and demand scenario but for those who want the true sound their options are clones or the real deal and it seems most of those options were expensive ventures……really expensive for the real deal.

To embark on this venture to create such a controversial product was driven by demand simply put.  However, it had to be right or it was not going to be done at all.  We have created, what we feel is an excellent option for those looking for this sound at a very affordable price without compromise or without gouging anyone.

More to come………..




The Mark Sampson designed Revolver was created based off of a custom stereo amp that Mark designed. I sat and played that amp for hours and was just mesmerized at how magical the sound was! The Revolver is an exact re-creation of that circuit and, in some respects, is even better! The Revolver is a stereo splitter/EQ and Boost that you can use as a stereo splitter, with no vibe, and then you can bring the vibe into the mix if you choose. The Boost/EQ section has that classic Mark Sampson chime that we are all used to so expect lush, beautiful, bell-like tones all the way around!

RP-Manual-logo2 JRAD Revolver Manual and Warranty

Lemon Aid

The Lemon Aid was the most difficult pedal to name due its versatility. It is a boost pedal in essence but it also acts as a sort of preamp or frequency modifier. This pedal offers a clean, treble and full boost all in one. However, each boost position is adjustable in several aspects. You can make any one of the desired boost settings either thicker or thinner or you can cut the overall output to make the effect more subtle. The combination of all of the available settings gives you a myriad of boosts and frequency modifications. We love to use it as a lead boost for any overdrive but, on its own, you can achieve the most lush and beautiful clean tones that sustain incredibly well. You can also run the pedal on its loudest setting and slam the front end of your amp for natural, crunchy tones. The Lemon Aid works equally well as a bass boost and an acoustic guitar preamp. This pedal will honestly improve the tones of every other overdrive pedal on your board! RP-Manual-logo2 JRAD Lemon Aid Manual and Warranty

Chicken Soup

The Chicken Soup Overdrive was aimed at the Nashville crowd. This pedal gives you that extremely transparent, “twanky” tone, as we like to say. It’s great for Teles and Strats. Think ODR-1 but improved. This pedal is very simple but very effective as well. The Chicken Soup Overdrive is extremely quiet and has true bypass just like all of our pedals.

RP-Manual-logo2 JRAD Chicken Soupl Manual and Warranty

Alien Echo

The Alien Echo is our offering to achieve vintage, analog sounds and worn out tape delay sounds. The modulation is random and unpredictable, similar to a tape delay. Modulation is also foot switchable for on the fly effect changes. The tone control only affects the delay signal and, depending on where it is set, will dictate vintage analog or worn out tape delay sounds. This is an extremely musical delay that can go from lush, magical, long delays to warm, country, slap-back delays. If you mess with the modulation you can get some pretty crazy sounds, which is where we came up with the name.

RP-Manual-logo2  JRAD Alien Echo Manual and Warranty

Flex Drive

The Flex Drive is our most versatile overdrive of the bunch. This was our attempt to achieve the Malcolm sound, which is one of our favorite rhythm tones ever! However, the Flex Drive will get you all the way to VH-2, which happens to be one of our favorite lead tones ever! Luckily enough, all of the settings in between can achieve amazing blues and country tones as well and this is why we call it the Flex Drive. This is just an incredible tool for studio and live performances!

RP-Manual-logo2 JRAD Flex Drive Manual and Warranty


The Mark Sampson designed Hightop is everything “Mark Sampson” in a box. Mark is known for his recreations of the classic AC30/Top Boost tones when he worked for the “other” companies. This pedal is about the best you can get if those “chimey” Beatles type tones float your boat. Play the Hightop for 10 minutes and then turn it off and you will wonder who put the blanket over your amp! This is an actual “Top Boost” circuit reduced to transistors so, flat for the EQ is with both bass and treble all the way left. The cut control contours your highs and the interactive combination of all 3 EQ controls allows you to dial in your mids. Ceramic/Alnico gives you the best option for your choice of a speaker type. Alnico speakers have a certain breakup characteristic so if you want to emulate that, select Alnico. The same goes for the Ceramic speaker setting. Bring in the EF86 and dial it to your liking as well.

RP-Manual-logo2 JRAD HighTop Manual and Warranty


The Animal is our way of creating a 1968 “Plexi” Sound. The Animal is an extremely open and amp-like sound that can get you from a stock “Plexi” to a modified “Plexi” with the flick of the snarl switch. The Animal can get very aggressive but it is by no means a distortion pedal. Just think of a cranked “Plexi” and how open and natural it sounds. We love this pedal!

RP-Manual-logo2 JRAD Animal Manual and Warranty