New Rockett Pedals 2016!


2016 brings on seven new pedals for J.Rockett Audio Designs. All the pedals will be released as of Winter NAMM 2016 in Anaheim, CA. They are as follows:

  1. Blue Note Overdrive Tour Series
  2. .45 Overdrive
  3. Tranquilizer (Vibe, Phase, Univibe, Leslie)
  4. Hooligan (Fuzz)
  5. GTO (Guthrie Trapp Signature Overdrive Pedal)
  6. Alien Echo Tour Series
  7. Lenny (Pushed Steel String Singer/SRV Tone)

So, there will be plenty of pedal goodness to satisfy all your stomp box cravings! We are constantly trying to bring products to market that are innovative and tonally delectable! On that note, we’ve decided to ask YOU where you would rank the importance of a specific type of pedal on your board.

Here is a list of the types of effects pedals you will typically find. The list simply specifies the various pedals available out there and it is not ranked. What we want you to do is rank them in order of importance. This newsletter is an open discussion blog that will allow you to post your feedback so please do so!

  1. Overdrive
  2. Distortion
  3. Fuzz
  4. Octave
  5. Pitch Shifter
  6. Harmoniser
  7. Talk Box
  8. Auto-Wah
  9. Wah
  10. Chorus
  11. Phaser
  12. Flanger
  13. Rotating Speaker
  14. Tremola/Vibrato
  15. Volume
  16. EQ
  17. Compressor
  18. Delay
  19. Reverb

In the comment section below please provide your list of what you think should be #1 through #19 relative to importance on your pedal board.

Chris Van Tassel