Shawn Tubbs

Shawn Tubbs

Many of you have probably seen some of our demo videos done by Shawn Tubbs. Not only is Shawn gracious enough to give us his time to create demo’s of our pedals, but he is also one of Carrie Underwoods’ guitarists on tour. Not a bad gig for sure! Shawn is one of the most accomplished session players in Nashville…and one of the nicest guys around I might add!

Shawn has a unique style, blending country, rock, blues and jazz progressions seamlessly. Those who follow Shawn on his YouTube channel (click here) are enamored by his talents. He is truly a phenomenal player! He is currently building a new website you can find by clicking . It’s brand new and not finished yet as he will be adding much more in the near future!

I encourage you to check out Shawn’s YouTube channel as he’s one of those players you can watch play for hours and constantly pick up on something new. His phrasing is impeccable and his runs are spot on. The following video is an original Shawn wrote a few years back.

And the following video is Shawn doing a demo of The Dude! We’ve been waiting for months for him to get off tour with Carrie to do this video for us. We just finished it last week so enjoy!

Chris Van Tassel