Hey everyone, I just wanted to give a low down on my experience at Summer NAMM in my home town of Nashville TN.

To my surpise the show was jamming right from the start.  The convention center is excellent and parking was a breeze.  It was fun because this year I was able to drop off a bunch of the Rockett products at a local dealer’s booth and just let them be there for everyone to sample.

I of course have more important things to do like check out recording gear….;-) That being said, I have to recommend a microphone.  The new Telefunken Copperhead mic….wow!! it has a U67 capsule, sounds like pure silk and can take 138db spl….that is crazy high and will work amazingly well on electric guitars.  I was told it was used all over the new Greenday record if you want reference.  Did I come home with one…..hmmmmmm?

So onward, I cruised over to my buddy Josh Thomas’s little known Rupert Neve Designs booth and pimped him for free preamps (It did not work) but they have a new DI that rewrites the book…looking forward to that.  I, however, shall keep pushing them to send me one of these 5060 and some 500 series pres…….such great gear!!

Right next to them was the Antelope Audio booth and for those of you looking for home studio stuff that pretty well gets you into the Pro realm check out their new Zen Studio WOW! does this thing sound amazing and for relatively cheap for one of their products….in my future indeed… if I could afford those ATC monitors I would be set!!

There is a lot of cool new gear in the pedal world as well but who needs those…;-)

After party at the Warwick facility on 12th was a blast.  I got to meet lots of superstar bass players like Chuck Rainey, Vail Johnson (Ok, Vail is my motorcycle riding buddy but nobody else can claim MC Hammer), Victor Wooten and many more.  Of course Phil X was rockin as well.  A special thanks to Hans Peter Wilfer (Owner of Warwick) for a great spread of food and drink…HP knows how to party.  Big thanks to Wolf Hoffman for letting my wife get her metal god photo!!

I am hoping that Summer NAMM continues to get better because it is so much more relaxed and easy when compared to Winter NAMM.  I think after this experience we will pony up for a booth next year and see how it goes.  Make sure you check out some of the gear I mentioned above….that is, if you are into recording.

Hope to see you there next year!



Chris Van Tassel