The Juice power supply is our new solution for easy power and is part of our Juice power system. We designed the Juice to be extremely quiet and extremely powerful at 2 Amps (2,000 mA). This will not leave you wanting for more power but if you do find yourself in need of more you can always add more Juice Joints or Juice Bar to be powered by another Juice.

If your rig needs more power than 2 Amps then it is indeed a very large rig. Most musician’s rigs typically draw 1 Amp (1,000mA) or less and that typically includes a large draw digital pedal like a Strymon Timeline. Most of the large digital supplies require a 300mA draw just to start up. With our system you are not confined to channels that may or may not have enough power on tap for the simple startup.

The Juice system distributes the exact power your pedals need without leaving mA’s on the table. Use the Juice as you would a 1Spot or use it with our Juice system.

Specs & Features