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Tour Series

  • Handpainted Archer

    Hand painted designs by artist Trisha Lurie. Each one of these 100 limited edition Archers are entirely unique featuring multiple colors, skulls, handsigned and dated.  A portion of all proceeds…
  • Mr. Moto Tremolo

    A very musical Tremolo with a super lush spring reverb as well. Both can be run independently or together. The Tremolo can go from a very subtle throb to a…
  • Archer Clean

    An exact recreation of the clean boost side of a Klon.  Add the sought after Klon midrange to your tonal range! *First batch orders will ship within one week*  …
  • Animal OD

    The ANIMAL OD is back by popular demand. The Animal is an accurate recreation of an overdriven 1968 “Plexi”. The ANIMAL OD has the grunt and midrange bark of the…
  • The Majestic

    70's Rock Tone Inspired By The Cranked Tone of A 1959 Les Paul Through A Marshall.   What's a Speedswitch?
  • Tranquilizer

    The new Tranquilizer is a swirly machine. One of our favorite effects of old was the original phase 45. We always thought it was more musical than the 90 and…
  • GTO

    The new GTO is the latest design coop with Guthrie Trapp. The original was sort of the Nashville favorite, recreating the old Nobels ODR-1. A great sound in itself but…
  • .45 Caliber

    The new .45 Caliber is a pedal we have been asked to create for some time now. It is a recreation of the original 1962 JTM 45 sound, overdriven. The…
  • Lenny

    Lenny was a happy accident. We set out to design a recreation of the legendary Dumble Steel String Singer but thought…who needs a loud, clean amp sound in a pedal?…
  • Blue Note Tour Series

    The new Blue Note Tour Series is exactly what you think…a small, compact version of the current production Blue Note. The Blue Note Tour Series is identical in sound to…
  • SOS

    Every pedal board needs a good buffer. Buffers balance out your impedance and get that loss of highs back on track, especially with multiple pedals and long cable runs. The…
  • The Hooligan

    The Hooligan is the Tour Series version of the WTF Fuzz but with some tonal tweaks and made to be simple in every way. We wanted this pedal to really…